EATP works for you! As a member, you are entitled to member communications, weekly news updates on the regional and global tourism, monthly newsletter, legislative advocacy at the regional and continental level for your federation/chamber/association’s behalf, community service, and being part of a strong group of tourism professionals. Businesses who become Affiliate Members also receive the following member benefits:


  •  Advocate to government and other stakeholders
  • Intermediate and reduce obstacles to intra and inter-regional tourism
  • Advocate for consistency and harmonization of strategies among the EAC member states
  • Negotiate with different bodies to ensure a friendly business climate for the region


  •  Facilitation in regional tourism marketing and business creation
  • Service Directory Listing: Organization logo, phone number and email included on the EATP Resource Page. Listing is available by alpha and a downloadable list by country.
  •  Marketing Opportunities: EATP Signature Events, Webinars, hosted Familiarization trips, Program Book Ads, Monthly Newsletter Ads.
  • Share information and networking opportunities

 Capacity Building

  • Support through capacity building
  • Capacity Building Courses: Stay up to date with the latest strategies, techniques
    and tools to grow your organization by taking various training.
  •  Facilitate continuous skills development in the tourism sector


  • Online Communications: East Africa Tourism Destination Portal
    ( will be loaded with searchable information on events andother Association news and the many services provided by EATP. EATP also maintains a presence on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • EATP e-News: A weekly news and monthly e-newsletter is sent to keep members up-to-date with happenings in the tourism market and with EATP activities and notices.


  • Online EATP Directory: Affiliate members can search online and Find an EATP” search engine.
  •  Awards and Industry Recognition: Build organization awareness based on your
    outstanding achievements in the industry at the annual EATP Awards event.
  •  Market Statistics: Share the latest monthly and Annual tourism market statistics analysis.

Strategic Partnerships

EATP offers an environment in which you can develop enduring relationships that can positively impact your organization’s growth.

  • Facilitate access to finance and risk management services
  • Support members to mobilize resources
  • Support through Capacity building

Benefits of Partnerships:

  •  Increase Exposure through Affiliate Directory
  • Company Memberships and Logo with a Link on EATP Partners Page
  • Annual Meeting & Expo Booth Discounts
  •  Publication Advertisements – EATP Social Media Pages and Newsletter